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Freelance writing, research, and consultation

Are you working on a creative endeavor, such as a book, game, graphic novel, film, or podcast, but need help with content creation, design, or research? Pramana Language Lab can help! We specialize in designing fictional languages from the bottom up--everything from syntax, to noise production, and codified symbol systems.  We also specalize in putting together research portforlios on subjects within our  areas of expertise.  If your project covers themes or contains content related to world religions and philosophies, the relationship between biology and communication, or logic and language more generally, then we can provide currated presentations and summaries of relevant content. We are also available over chat for basic consulting services on these projects.  If you are interested in seeing how Pramana Langauge Lab can help you with your latest endeavor, Contact Us now to schedule a Free 1- Hour consultation. 

Podcast Editing, mangement, and sound design

Do you have an idea for a podcast, but are unfamiliar with the tricks to recording, producing high quality audio, or even figuring out what an RSS feed is?  Pramana Langauge Lab can do the behind the scenes work for your podcast so you can focus on creating great content.  The tools and equipment available to the langauge lab mean that we can help with every aspect of podcast production, whether it is helping setting up good recording habits, or cleaning and improving your raw audio, or fully editing your podcast (with sound FX!).  We are also able to post and manage the podcast for you! In order to fulitil its mission, The Langauge Lab enourages people from rural and underserrved areas or from non-English speaking communities to get in touch. If you are interested to learn how the Pramana Lanaguage Lab can help get your podcast ready to go, Contact Us now.  Let us know a bit about your podcast and needs in the email, and we'll schedule a free consultation!