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The Lab enganges in a variety of projects--from podcasts, to games, and books--in order to fulfill its mission to preserve, cultivate, and educate people about the phenomenon of semantic change.  See a list of our ongoing, forthcoming, and projects on hiatus below with links to check them out!


PlayQuest is actual-play podcast about a group of friends playtesting different table-top RPGs and trying to tell a story along the way.  Join us as we play Predation (Dinosaurs), Tenra Bansho Zero (anime), and many others while trying to maintain the demands of creating a ficitional universe!

















Con-Lang WorkBook

Have you ever wondered how Tolkien came up with Elvish, or if there is any point to learning Klingon? The Con-Lang WorkBook provides a guide to creating your own language and translating it into other (also made-up) langauges. Part introductory primer on linguistics and semantics, and part activity book, the Con-Lang Work book guides you through creating ficitonal peoples and creatures, explaining how their biology and social habits lead to communication, and then walks your through putting together all the fundamental elements of a full-blown langauge!  Coming to kickstarter soon!









Untitled Shaman King Re-read

A podcast re-read of the graphic novel Shamn King.  More soon!



























Disturb the Medium

Disturb the Medium is a monthly podcast devoted to understanding langauge evolution and semantic change.  Currently on Hiatus due to travel restirctions sorrounding Covid-19





























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